Sunday, March 3, 2013

Getting ready for school

This week was very busy for us, as Mandy worked more than normal as there was a start date approaching for her school. Her and Georgia was sick the week before and Georgia had a high fever on Monday. We are still trying to get everything managed in house since Aunt Andie moved in. Thinking of options when we start looking to getting a bigger place this September. One thing that was really neat this week was that we got Georgia all setup for school. Stough Elementary has a great program with teachers that are here on work visa from other countries. This is to learn about America's education system and provide methods from their own education processes. Georgia wasn't too happy that we were there for an open house as she kept claiming that she wasn't five years old, as that was when she was going to start school. This next week is going to be back to the same schedule and as busy it was this week, I can say that we are glad to get back to normal.