Monday, February 4, 2013

Andrea gets OLD!

Hello everyone,

This week we are posting on today as it is a special day, Andie (Andrea) has turned 25. Our Andie was admired in last week’s post as well when she obtained a job at Starbucks. The year was 1988; a gallon of gas was 91 cents. Movie ticket was $3.50 and a dozen of eggs were 65 cents. Movies that were released in 1988! A Fish Called Wanda, Twins, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Beetlejuice and Die Hard. Director, George A. Romero, comedian/actor Rob Corddry and the great Alice Cooper are just some of the famous people that were born on today.
We salute you Andrea Wehrwein for being born!

                This week was a normal week for us as we carried on with the everyday drudge of working in and out of the house.  We found a daycare not far from Amanda’s work, so Georgia can be looked after on Tuesdays. She is really excited about getting to go and we know that she will have fun with the other kids.  We are slowly trying to get everything together for school, as when it comes to moving you normal misplace some items of importance. No big projects this coming week and I am glad as last week we had a pretty big plate full. We had a great time for Super Bowl at Ryan E. Smith’s. Georgia love to be around people and she acquired two new friends Shaun and Chantee, well mostly Shaun as you can see why…

Trying to find more topics for the other blogs and it really isn't the issue of find them, it’s the issue of not writing about the same thing over and over.  Oh well check them out and comment if you want!

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