Sunday, January 27, 2013

Andie has a Job!

Hey everyone!

This last week had gone by so fast and even with that, nothing has really happened. Amanda and I are still working and she is starting to really love her job. Andrea has found a job working at Starbucks and I really excited to start. I think she really missed the days that she doesn't have to watch My Little Pony marathons. We are glad that she was lucky to find a job so fast and hope that our schedules start working out for the best.  

Amanda and I are looking for a way to get Georgia started with preschool soon and start getting into a routine. We are hoping to start Skype with the family on Sundays so we can them more as we didn't get to see as much as we wanted when we were down during Thanksgiving.

This month we had the chance to celebrate Grandma Connie and Uncle Brandon’s birthday. Georgia is starting to really love drawing pictures on the cards before we send them. I am hoping that we can start taking pictures of them and then post them for everyone to start seeing them. This next month I am (Tyler) am going to start my blogging projects. Therefore I will continue the process on making sure that I find some way to link them all together. In addition, this next month is Amanda and I’s eighth anniversary and hoping to do something fun.

See ya Next time,
The Wehrweins

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  1. how do we get skype? it would be fun for Georgia to chat with her McCarthy cousins.