Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Update, Update, Moose!

Good Day Everyone!

      This is the new Moose Tracks! This blog has been redesigned so now you can know all about what the Wehrweins in North Carolina are up to! Yes I changed the URL to this blog and others.  We are going to try to keep this updated weekly and have a monthly Vlog. Amanda is going to help with writing this as well, she is with Georgia most and gets to experience her "crazy" the most. One of my issues with writing last year was organizing my thoughts and all of the different topics I wanted to write about.

      This year, the Wehrweins are all about choices and to own them! We know that we made the choice to move to North Carolina so I could stay with the company that I was working with. Recently, Amanda has found a job with a great school a little west of us call the Body Therapy Institute. This is the URL in case any of you wanted to check it out, . It is literally on a farm and Amanda has her own office; she is the only one that is doing the financial aid for the school.

      Recently, we have let my sister Andrea come and live with us here, as she wasn't able to find her path in Phoenix with her job skills. We hope for nothing but the best for her and want her to be successful, so we agreed that she would do much better here and hope that she finds what she is looking for. Georgia is especially excited that she is here and she stated that Andrea is her best friend. Manda and Georgia got the chance to celebrate our cousin’s little boy’s birthday yesterday and like always Georgia had herself a smashing time!

     Over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays we had our “Adda” here to spend some time with us at our new place. She was a delight as normal and was very motherly to both Amanda and I on the projects that we needed to accomplish. Georgia was very sad when she had to go back home, as were we, but understand that we will soon see her again in the summer (hopefully).

     Church is going great! This ward is amazing and so inclusive with their new members. Since being here we have been visited by the Elder’s Quorum with the high council, stake presidency, bishopric and of course our Home/visiting teachers.
Other than the normal everyday run of the mill, work and home, we are doing fine. This year we are setting goals and working towards them every day. More of that later... We are starting to adjust to the fact that Amanda is now working and we have only one car. Georgia will soon being starting school in the fall.

     I have started working on other blogs to help organized the mess known as my brain. We all know that I am a Geek and I love, art, music, movies, comics, tech related tools and all the other random stuff that I find mainly through Stumble….. Therefore I have created other blogs to help in the process and I am still setting my goals to when and what I post in them. With this I hope to come to a routine and keep providing my thoughts on anything I want to talk about. I have an itch to scratch when it is coming to this blogging and I want to try to give it my best and see where it takes me. 

See ya Next time,
The Wehrweins

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